AMEE 2015  
AMEE 2015
The Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) is a worldwide organisation with members in 90 countries on five continents. Members include educators, researchers, administrators, curriculum developers, assessors and students in medicine and the healthcare professions.
10BB Simulation 2
Ana Paula Quilici, Angelica Bicudo, Karen Cristine Abrao, Marcos Paulo Freire
Vivian Obeso MD FACP, Ansley Splinter MD MACM FAAP, Rebecca Toonkel MD, Melissa Ward-Peterson MPH, Christine Dalton MD, Noel Hernandez MSN RN CHSE
Culadeeban Ratneswaran, Jameel Mushtaq, Kevin Dodd, Teck K Khong
Rodrigo Avila Dominguez, Pablo Felipe Mahana Tumani, Carlos Rivera Prat, Peter McColl Calvo, Veronica Silva Orrego
Yusuke Leo Takeuchi, Oriane Aebischer, Anne-Emmanuelle Ambresin, Raphael Bonvin