We have designed three exclusive packages to suit our client needs and requirements.
You can avail any package according to the budget and size of your organization.

No. of ePosters


  • Package comprised of 100 ePosters that means you can invite 100 scientific authors for poster creation.
  • Small size businesses can also avail this package.


  • This package ranges from 100-200 posters. It best suits the small and medium size organizations.


  • It offers unlimited number of ePosters and especially designed to fulfill the requirements of big organizations.

Onsite Desktop Application

  • Each package is provided with onsite desktop application service.
  • Our desktop application expert will install ePoster application for you at the workstation and will be there to address any technical issue related the application such as troubleshooting, installing and maintenance.

Smart Devices Application

    • ePoster is compatible and user friendly with smart devices like mobile and tablets.
    • ePoster can also be made available on smart devices in the conference hall, according to client policy and requirements.
    • This offer is not available with standard package.
    No. of ePosters
    On site Desktop Application
    Smart Devices Applications
    Single Client
    100 - 200
    Client Server Application
    Client Server Application