Abstract Title | Interactive multimedia algorithms for acute medicine teaching and learning


  1. Daniel Schwarz
  2. Petr Štourač


Virtual Patients and eCase Studies


eCase Studies


Masaryk University, Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses


Educational portal AKUTNE.CZ is a strategic and long-term activity of the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University. Its main goal is to innovate teaching of clinical reasoning, especially in the field of acute medicine. This activity plays an important role in the educational networkof medical schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: MEFANET.


The Interactive multimedia algorithms for acute medicine represent a very attractive teaching/learning objects, which provide:


  training and testing of critical thinking as well as clinical reasoning abilities;
  authentic rendering of patients in acute situations through pictures and short video sequences;
  monitoring of the values ​​of various clinical parameters that reflect the evolution of the patient along the time axis, such as: blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, etc.

Students involved in the creation of the interactive algorithms are among the best in their class and often continue to take their proffesional job at our Department of anaesthesia, resuscitation and intensive medicine in the University Hospital in Brno.

Take-home Messages

Visit our educational portal and enjoy playing the interactive algorithms!


Summary of Work

Methodology for the collaborative work of certified clinician-teacher with students at the fifth and the sixth grades was prepared. Each group of students was working on a selected topic belonging to the acute medicine.


Resulting algorithms were submitted via online forms with the use of a backend web application PHP / MySQL / Flash. For each algorithm, the application generated a unique XML document. This document is rendered on the frontend application into a flash object, which includes a description of the situation, links to alternative decisions as well as additional data on physical and laboratory measurements and a time-stress factor.

Collaboration of studetns with the physician-teacher


The project “MEFANET clinical reasoning” reg. n.: CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0038 is supported by the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic.

Summary of Results

Twelve algorithms were created including following topics:
Acute coronary syndrome, Analgesia in painful conditions in stomatology, Analgesia in a GP practice, Hypothermia, Post-dural puncture syndrome, Road traffic accident, Syncope, Severe head injury - invasive techniques, Severe allergic reaction, Toxic reaction to local anaesthetics, Treatment of acute post-surgical pain, Water rescue.

algorithms in the form of flash objects (players)

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The MEFANET project (MEdical FAculties NETwork) has initiated international, effective and open cooperation among all medical faculties in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. One of the elementary goals of the project is to advance medical teaching and learning with the use of modern information and communication technologies. As an instrument for that, MEFANET has decided to develop an original and uniform solution for educational web portals which are used, together with a central gateway, to offer and share digital educational content.


The educational and publishing internet portal AKUTNE.CZ is focused on the acute medicine. This portal has risen from a neccessity to bring pre-, post grad students of medicine and the professional medical community closer to the didactic form of the clinical interdisciplinar subject of acute medicine.

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AKUTNE.CZ educational portal


Illustrative scheme of the algorithm for acute coronary syndrom shows the optional branching of the algorithm and some of the details in the "Check-up" node.


Take-home Messages
Summary of Work

These screenshots from the Backend application show a list of nodes in the algorithm of Acute coronary syndrome as well as a part of a node editting form:

Summary of Results

You can play the algorithms here:

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