Abstract Title | Baby Steps to e-Learning: Rourke Baby Record (RBR) e-Module


  1. David Stokes
  2. Leslie Rourke
  3. Sara Hann
  4. Anne Drover
  5. Stephen N Pennell
  6. Sean K O’Neil


Virtual Patients and eCase Studies


eCase Studies


Memorial University


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The Rourke Baby Record (RBR) is an evidence-based health supervision guide for primary healthcare practitioners of children in the first five years. An e-module was proposed, designed, and developed to deliver training to Memorial University’s undergraduate medical students.


The success of this project will lead to the development of additional e-modules to support the remaining patient visits covered in the RBR. Furthermore, the process, lessons learned, and the technologies used will form a framework for future e-learning projects.  

Take-home Messages
  • A diverse design and development team allowed for more perspectives and specialties to be included in the production. 
  • The inclusion of a medical student on the project team ensured that student (end-user) feedback was considered throughout the entire design and development phases.  
  • Iterative cycles of review and revision enabled the production of a more polished final product.
  • Consideration for the learner’s use of technology and devices will increase user experience and accessibility to content.   


Summary of Work


The project team

  • two faculty members (including one of the authors of the RBR)
  • a medical student
  • instructional designers
  • multimedia developers 


The design and development goals were two-fold: 

  • Design using the most effective student-centered learning strategies: constructivism, simulation, feedback cycles, and multimedia delivery. 
  • Develop using the most modern, standardized, and cross-platform web-based technologies: HTML, JavaScript, H.264 video, and SCORM.
Summary of Results

Support for this module is from the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland including the Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) program of Research and Graduate Studies.


Support for the development of the Rourke Baby Record and its website can be found at:


Rourke Baby Record

Rourke Baby Record

The Rourke Baby Record (RBR) is an evidence-based health supervision guide for primary healthcare practitioners of children in the first five years of life.


The RBR contains guidelines and information for comprehensive well baby/child care including:

  • growth and nutrition monitoring,
  • developmental surveillance,
  • physical examination parameters,
  • immunizations, and
  • anticipatory guidance on safety, family, behaviour and health promotion issues.

For more information see:

Take-home Messages
Summary of Work
Summary of Results


  • Self-exploration of resources that allow learners to have a first-hand experience with the RBR though a simulated case.
  • Virtual patient scenario with presented dialogue and follow-up actions.
  • Just-in-time, reliable, and evidence-based feedback provided to learners as they complete activities.  
  • The module is delivered using various media – video, illustrations, photos, and text.
  • Viewable on web browser enabled desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  • LMS/VLE SCORM capability to record learner’s completion of the module. 


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