Improvement of students' reflective skills by using e-portfolio during the Family Medicine course


Venija Cerovecki
Zlata Ozvacic Adzic
Goranka Petricek
Djurdjica Kasuba Lazic
Lucija Murgic
Sanja Blazekovic Milakovic


Virtual Patients and eCase Studies


eCase Studies


University of Zagreb, School of Medicine, Department for Family Medicine


Family medicine course at the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb


  • final year of 6-year undergraduate medical curriculum


  • Family medicine course - 140 hours (6 weeks) 

            theoretical education - 60 hours 

            practical work in family medicine practices - 80 hours


E-portfolios help students reflect on their actions and stimulate students to assess and analyse their

actions systematically and critically!

Take-home Messages

E-portfolios help students to be self-critical doctors!

Summary of Work


  • defining of the learning outcomes, programme duration and plan for the Family medicine course


  • defining of the structure of e-portfolio
Summary of Results

E-portfolio contains

  • practice characteristics
  • administrative and legislative obligations of family physicians
  • characteristics of consultation in the family medicine
  • characteristics of patient-physician relationship in the family medicine
  • reflection on selected clinical cases seen in practice and actions done independently or with supervision by menthors

E-portfolio is incorporated in the assessment procedure




We thank the teachers, academic staff, mentors and students who participated in the preparing e-portfolio for the Family medicine course at School of Medicine, University of Zagreb.



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Take-home Messages
Summary of Work
Summary of Results
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