Abstract Title
The 'Elementary Kidney Ultrasound Teaching Programme' for medical students -- experience of the largest medical centre of Taiwan


Chang-Chyi Jenq
Kuo-Chang Juan
Cheng-Chia Lee
Hsiang-Hao Hsu
Chun-Yen Lin
Ji-Tseng Fang
Cheng-Chieh Hung
Han-Pin Kuo
San-Jou Yeh
Wen-Neng Ueng


Basic Sciences and Clinical Integration


Department of Nephrology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
Department of Medical Education, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
Chang Gung University College of Medicine


A well-designed teaching programme can help students to integrate the basic and clinical medical knowledge, and apply the basic knowledge into clinical skills. The “Elementary Kidney Ultrasound Teaching Programme” (EKUTP) is designed for the above purposes.

Summary of Work

 EKUTP contains pre-/post- multi-choice questionnaire (MCQ) of medical knowledge of kidney field, pre-/post-assessment of clinical skill – the practice of kidney ultrasound (KU), lecture & operation demonstration of KU, and satisfaction questionnaire for the teaching programme. Medical students who completed the 90-minute teaching programme from October, 2012 to February, 2013 were enrolled. The evaluation forms were designed for KU practicing performance assessment. The paired and independent t tests were applied for analyzing the results.

Summary of Results

Eighty six medical students (34 5th grade, 52 7th grade) were enrolled. In medical knowledge field, 40 students (46%) failed in KU interpretation in pre-MCQ. In clinical skill field, 36 students (41%) failed to place the kidney image in the middle of the ultrasound screen in pre-evaluation. Comparing with 5th grade students, 7th grade students had better pre-/post-MCQ score (74.2 vs. 65.3 in pre-test and 94.2 vs. 82.3 in post-test, p < 0.05, especially in KU interpretation) and similar performance in practicing performance. All students had significant improvement in both medical knowledge and clinical skill fields after teaching, and responded high level of satisfaction.




The EKUTP is a useful for achieving the goals of enhancing student’s performance of medical knowledge of kidney field and clinical skills of kidney ultrasound.

Take-home Messages


A well designed teaching programme, including pre-/post-evaluation, lecture and operation demonstration, will show student’s weak points, improve their performance, and assist their learning.




Summary of Work

Summary of Results
Take-home Messages
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