Educational quality system and the improvement of supervision skills.


  1. Robert Oostenbroek
  2. Claudia van Waardhuizen
  3. Monica van de Ridder
  4. On behalf of the Programme Committee


The Teacher


Albert Schweitzer hospital, Dordrecht, the Netherlands


                 Education Quality System (EQS) 

- large teach ing hospital ,

        affiliated with 2 academic hospitals

- period 2009-2013

improve faculty teaching competences

- range of educational tools







Summary of Work

 prprogram course directors  

          board of programme course directors

- yearly: evaluation faculty's teaching competences

- discuss the results!

          by faculty and residents together

- stimulation of using the EQS tools


- monitoring especially supervision of goal-setting

Summary of Results

- as a whole EQS is functioning


self assessments scores faculty: 3.6, 3.2 and 3.3


  residents give them higher 3.8, 3.5 and 3.6 



- quality of discussion of the outcomes?!


- intervention:

         educational expert and training coordinator

- promising results for this year (11/2013)


- faculty uses EQS tools

- but: no improvement of goal-setting skills

- facilitation of the discussion between

        faculty and residents together

- tailored to the disciplines







Take-home Messages


The dialogue on educational topics

           between faculty and residents

               profits from external facilitation.








Boor K, et al. Development and analysis of D-RECT, an instrument measuring residents' learning climate. Med. Teach, 2011; 33(10)820-7

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Summary of Work


Summary of Results
Take-home Messages
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