Regional competency based study days for paediatric trainees in London: How trainee involvement can improve learning outcomes


  1. Melanie Menden
  2. Seema Sukhani
  3. Alex Brightwell
  4. Susie Minson
  5. Mando Watson


Postgraduate Education


London School of Paediatrics and Child Health


The London School of Paediatrics developed regional study days specifically designed to address areas of the curriculum that are difficult to achieve in the local workplace.  One of the challenges was to deliver specialty knowledge that adequately addresses the learning needs of attending trainees.

Summary of Work

In response, we involved paediatric trainees to individually design all study days.  Senior paediatric specialty trainees were invited to chair each day, recruit enthusiastic experts as speakers and provide an overview about training in their specialty. Educational fellows coordinated each day, ensuring the learning needs of general paediatric trainees were adequately met.


Paediatric trainees play a pivotal role in improving the quality of regional study days by ensuring competencies are tailored to learning needs, providing access to outstanding speakers and offering junior trainees insight into each speciality.

Take-home Messages

Engaging trainees in the development of training programmes enhances the quality of education provision and has direct impact on high quality education and patient care.

Summary of Results


Our regional study days are extremely popular with high attendance and satisfaction rates.

Trainees valued the opportunity to interact with senior trainees and world-class experts in each specialty.

  "I think having trainees lead organisation of the study day (rather than more senior specialists) meant we were really able to focus on what trainees needed to learn. We were able to target "gaps" in training from the curriculum and hopefully pitch the day at the correct level for the majority of attendees."

  "Brilliant day with world class speakers – thanks so much for organising"

  "This is the best RSM day I have been to – excellent speakers and has really gone beyond what we usually get at a child protection study day – thank you!"

  "Really high standard of training day – great range of topics covered and all speakers were outstanding"

As a result, many have been inspired to develop a special interest, and developed the confidence to change local practice.

 "I found it really helpful to think not just about specialty training but also about how to develop a special interest"

" Brilliant day that will change my practice"

"Career advice is really useful here - I think it's quite tricky in ST4-5 as we are based at a DGH where there aren't actually many specialists so you lack that exposue of knowing what your options are even though this is the stage of your career that you have to decide what you want to do long term - the ST6-8 matching comes in ST5"


For speciality trainees, the experience has provided a valuable opportunity to further develop education and leadership skills.

 "Having to study the curriculum and think hard about ensuring we met trainees' educational needs in a way that wasn't on offer elsewhere."

 "It was a useful exercise in management/negotiation/organisation skills."

 "It gave me confidence that the workload is manageable to coordinate an event like this."

 "I was able to bring together lots of different people to facilitate. I was able to ensure the focus of most sessions was the needs of trainees and the practical application of learning points."

 "It is a good opportunity not only to meet/get to know people but also people to get to know you."

Summary of Work
Take-home Messages
Summary of Results
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