Wireless Periodic Diagnosis of Some Vital Signs for Chronic Patients Using HARRE Drone System


  • Ala'a Elesh
  • Eman Ateeq
  • Haneen Nayef
  • Reem Alfadhli
  • Rehab Al Zharni


Biomedical Engineering




Chronic diseases need a periodic examination so, the patient needs to go to the hospital regularly for diagnosis. With time, these visits become tiring to the patients. Therefore, HARRE system has been designed to find a faster and easier way for a periodic examination of chronic disease patients. HARRE system is a wireless periodic diagnosis system which will be built inside a box attached to the bottom of a drone. This system is used as a communication bridge between chronic disease patients and doctors. It consists of three main parts: wireless periodic monitoring circuit, drone, and a medical phone application. 

Summary of Work

HARRE system is composed of three main parts as illustrated in figure 1. The first one is the wireless periodic monitoring circuit that will measure some physiological parameters which include: ECG, temperature, SpO2 and heart rate by using some sensors. The sensors are controlled and programmed by Arduino 101. The communication between the patient and the doctor through the application can be achieved by connecting the ESP8266 Wi-Fi module to Arduino 101. The medical application allows the doctor to add or edit the patient information, while the patient can edit only his address, and view his information and appointments. Also, it will have some good features like the automatically set up alarm, which will give an alert in the patient’s cell phone few hours before his appointment. Finally, the drone which is an integrated system that is capable of carrying the wireless periodic monitoring circuit to the patient's house location.


In this semester, the idea of wireless periodic diagnosis system via HARRE drone has been selected for our senior design project. HARRE system has three main parts: wireless periodic monitoring circuit, drone, and a medical phone application. According to what has been done in this semester, the plan of the next semester will be achieving the final expected project. This plan will include: building the prototype of HARRE system which provides the wireless periodic monitoring circuit that measures some physiological parameters (ECG, temperature, SpO2 and heart rate) , programming the medical phone application that has the general information about the patient (patient’s name, age, type of his disease, doctor’s name, patient phone number, his address, patient medications, and his appointments).   Working on HARRE system will be within the standards that are compatible with it.

Summary of Work
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