Theme: Undergraduate Research / Curricular Environments
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Association between the quality of life of medical students and their demographics under current civil war in Yemen

Authors: Hussein A. Alaidroos
Mohammed O. Al-Ghurabi
Mohammed A. Al-Gunaid
Abdulrahman A. Ba-Abbad
Ahmed A. Bawazir
Fareeha K. Abdulwali
Adam S. Obad
Mohammed A. Shareef
Institutions: Alfaisal University


  • Several social, political and economic factors may alter the  quality of life of medical students.
  • The factors that influence the quality of medical students in Hadramout was not assess previously. 

Summary of Work

  • An Arabic version of the WHOQOL- BREF questionnaire was validated in a previous study.
  • Demographics data about the following aspects were collected: marital status, health status, housing type, relation with  parents, and living area.
  • Similarly, data about basic life supplies of water, electricity,  and healthy sewage treatment were gathered.
  • Mann Whitney U test and Kruskal Wallis test, and Pearson’s  Correlation Coefficient were used to determine the difference between groups and association, respectively.

Summary of Results

  • A total of 416 responses were included in the analysis.
Variables N (%)
Male 235 (56.5%)
Female 181 (43.5%)
Academic year  (n=352)
Year 1 62 (15.9%)
Year 2 79 (19%)
Year 3 77 (18.5%)
Year 4 68 (16.3%)
Year 5 53 (12.7%)
Year 6 13 (3.1%)
Marital Status (n=416)
 Single 380 (91.3%)


31 (7.5%)

 Divorced 5 (1.2%)
Health Status (n=407)
Currently ill 44 (10.8%)
Currently not ill 363 (89.2%)
Housing (n=398)
With family owned house 193 (48.5%)
With family rental house 58 (14.6%)
With friends in an apartment 58 (14.6%)
Student dorms 89 (22.4%)
Living Area (n=415)
Countryside 76 (18.3%)
Town 339 (81.7%)

The overall scores of physical health, psychological health, social relationships and environment domains were 13.51, 14.287, 14.65 and 12.31 respectively.





Marital Status


Living Place


Health Status




Academic Year


Loss of someone close

Physical Health

M > F p=0.013

    Not ill >ill p=0.009  

3rd yr > 1st yr, 2nd yr, 5th yr

p=0.004, 0.0019, p=0.008

Did not  lose someone close > lost someone close

Psychological Health

M> F

    Not ill >ill p=0.006    

Did not  lose someone close > lost someone close

Social Relationships              
Environment   Single  and Married students > Divorced students (p=0.010, 0.007)

Town> Countryside


With family > student dorms

Overall Scores    

Town> Countryside



With family > student dorms


MW: Mann Whitney Test

KW: Kruskal Wallis Test




  • Social and economic factors that were exacerbated by the current war in Yemen have significantly contributed to low quality of life among Yemeni medical students. Prompt, yet strategic steps should be taken by the national and international organizations to rescue the academic and social life of medical students’ in Yemen by providing basic academic and social life support for students.


College of Medicine, Hadramout University, Mukalla, Yemen

Muhammad Salah Al-Qu'aiti

Abdullah Salem Bahadi

Ashraf Fahed Basalelah


Summary of Work
Summary of Results
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