Abstract Title: Evaluation of medical students' perceptions regarding the joined teaching during the preparatory year
Theme: Teaching and Learning


  • Tarig Hakim Merghani
  • Marai Alamri


  • Faculty of Medicine - University of Tabuk

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Before entering the Faculty of Medicine, the medical students should pass the preparatory year that is planned to prepare them academically and intellectually for their future studies

However, since they study with large numbers of other students from non-medical faculties, their benefit from the subjects taught, and their interactions with their colleagues have to be evaluated

The aim of this study is to determine students’ perceptions regarding the curriculum and the joined teaching during the preparatory year

Summary of Results

A total of 248 medical students (61% males and 39% females) participated in the study. Mean age ± SD was 21.35 ± 1.65 years old

The major factors that influenced their decision to study medicine were: their own ambition and parental advice

 About three-quarters of the students felt none or mild academic benefit from the preparatory year. Only 7% felt high academic benefit 

Among the subjects taught during the preparatory year, the students felt the strongest satisfaction with English, Biology and Medical terms. The least satisfaction was felt with physics

The majority of all participants (89%) recommended separation of medical students from non-medical students during teaching. Their explanations included different curriculum and significant variation in academic abilities between medical and non-medical students

Almost half of the participants (46%), especially the males, felt that joined teaching might negatively influence attitude and academic performance of the medical students whereas 12% felt positive improvements in their social and academic performance


Our findings show that the majority of our medical students have negative perceptions towards the educational environment during the preparatory year. Separate teaching and a new revised curriculum have to be considered for the coming years


Summary of Results


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