Abstract Title | Proper Beraking Bad News Practice for Medical Student; A qualitative Research


  1. Wallapa Bunpromma M.D.
  2. Jiratha Budkaew M.D.


8AA Communication skills


Khonkaen Hospital - Psychiatry - khon Kaen - Thailand
Khonkaen Hospital - Community Medicine - khon Kaen - Thailand


 Bad news is a sensitive issue and affect both patients and their families.


 Medical doctors should have appropriate skills for telling the truth.


 Medical students could not practice breaking bad news skill appropriately.

Summary of Work

►  An action research

►  40 fifth-year medical students, Khon Kaen medical education center, in 2014


Take-home Messages

 The module should be modified to promote communication skills practice for medical student.


 Encouraging of medical students to practice communication skills with their friends should be added.

Summary of Results

►  The students concerned: 

       ♦ Lack of skills in the real practice:

              » Basic communication skills, students said

"I understand the theory but I don't know how to implement in my practice"


              » Empathic skills; ​

I copy the empathic words from lecture to response patient but I don't really understand them" 


​​►  The students needed:

       ♦ To observe communication skills from teachers as a good role model, they said

"I don't have opportunity to observe my teacher practice"


       ♦ To practice with simulated patients continuously; 

"Practicing with simulated patients makes me feel like being in a real situation"


       ♦ To giving feedback by their teachers;​

"Getting feedback from teacher makes me more understanding communication skills and more confidence" 


  Main problems of inappropriate breaking bad news skills:

       ♦ Teaching style; emphasized more lectures than practices


       ♦ Do not have opportunity to observe a good role model in communication skills practice


       ♦ Few opportunities to giving feedback by their teacher


  Appropriate breaking bad news practices for medical students:

       ♦ To practice communication skills with simulated patients and their friends continuously 


       ♦ More giving feedback by their teacher 


       ♦ To observe a good role model practicing  communication skills


 Collaborative Project to Increase Product of Rural Doctor (CPIRD), Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.


►  This study aimed to explore what the main problems in

breaking bad news practice.

Summary of Work

►  Using methodological triangulation technique for data 



►  The data were analyzed by using Steps for Coding And

 Theorization (SCAT).

Take-home Messages
Summary of Results

Be careful, In real practice must be concern the patient rights.


  Khon Kaen Medical Education Center, Khon Kaen Hospital.


            º  Surachai Saranritthichai,M.D., Pediatric Surgeon.


            º  Kanokwan Sriraksa,M.D., Pediatrician.


            º  Thammasorn Piriyasupong,M.D., Ph.D.

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