Testing the waters with augmented reality (AR) and revision webinars; what medical students think


  1. Jodie Gwenter
  2. Kurt Wilson
  3. Matthew Ramirez


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Manchester Medical School, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Jisc, United Kingdom


In modern era, education is delivered and accessed in multiple formats including through the use of mobile technology. This method lends itself to active learning and interaction, placing the student central to the educational experience.

Manchester Medical school undergraduates are each provided with an iPad. This complements our traditional teaching and opens up new avenues to tutors and students. In order to prepare students for the National Prescribing Safety Assessment, the prescribing team have developed a number of Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) aids delivered via student iPads. 



Summary of Work

Technology to enhance learning included use of:

1. Small group work using iPads and AR-enhanced role-play guidance (Junaio)

Students worked in small groups, playing the roles of patients, doctors and examiners. This teaching was designed to prepared students for role-play examination questions delivered in their finals. 

2. Interactive touch-screen presentations/homework sessions (Nearpod)

The Nearpod app was used to facilitate audience participation during small group work and to provide tutors with an outline of student learning via the homework feature. 

3. AR-enhanced prescribing posters (Junaio)

Posters were developed to provide information regarding safe prescription writing and review. These were augmented with video and interactive questions, accessed through poster image recognition and AR technology on the iPad. 

4. Live prescribing webinars (Fuze)

As part of revision and preparation for their examinations, students were invited to attend an online live webinar. 

Review of student experience

Students were provided with the opportunity to submit their views and comments regarding their use of technology during a live webinar feed and via an online questionnaire.



Summary of Results

Students provided positive comments on the use of Nearpod and live webinars. Responses for the use of Junaio were mixed and many felt they hadn’t had the opportunity to utilise the prescribing posters.


The use of TEL resources to enhance prescribing skills is evolving and improving.

User and organisational capabilities may be contributing factors in delivering negative student experiences. 



Webinars are online live tutorials. Available systems allow remote access through internet connection, live audience participation and presentation recording. These features allow fleixbility in teaching delivery, real-time student feedback and review of content for revision at a later date. 

Augmented Reality (AR) uses the iPads' camera to anchor digital content through image recognition. This content is displayed over the target image and can enhance the interpretation of the subject matter. Access the sample content by downloading the Junaio app (Free) and scanning the included QR codes. Further instructions are detailed below the images.

Summary of Work

Download the Junaio app (free) on your smart phone or tablet. Scan the QR code on the images below to open the Junaio channel. Hover over the images to reveal digital overlays. Click on these on your smart device screen to access further content. 

1. Small group work using iPads and AR-enhanced role-play guidance (Junaio): 

2. Nearpod homework

Access via a web browser. Enter this code: JBUHZ into "Join a session" to access further content. 

3. AR enhanced poster

We have uploaded an example poster titled 'Writing and reviewing a prescription', see ePoster homescreen. As outlined above, AR-enabled content can be accessed via your Junaio app.

Tip: ensure the images on your screen are large enough for the scanner on your phones. 

Summary of Results

A summary of comments


Student comments               Tutor comments

Live seminars good, but need some improvement

Live sessions hampered by Wi-fi reliability, with negative impacts on valuable teaching time

Live nearpod presentations can limit interaction with tutor as individuals are looking down at their iPads

Really found the homework useful Easy to use the homework function when you know how!
More homework from earlier in the course

The program itself synthesizes the homework results and presents it in a digestible manner 

Greater quantity of homework needed Can share presentations across sites easily










AR enabled resources

Student comments Tutor comments

Technical hitches with the junaio app made the process difficult- I felt it detracted from teaching. But perhaps more tech savy students would like this method?

I can see the cost saving benefits (less paper) and the potential to enhance the learning experience, but the lack of reliable wi-fi makes me nervous

Really great when the technology works!!

I don’t feel confident in using this technology

I personally found the Junaio app frustrating to use in. Either there was a problem with internet access or it was clunky. 

Quite a lot of initial instruction needed for students- eats into session time. 




Student comments Tutor comments


Enabled the teaching to be delivered remotely, especially useful for students on European placement

Fuze webinar excellent

An evening schedule avoids timetabling barriers

I like the webinar, it works really well

Enabled the teaching to be delivered remotely, especially useful for students on European placement


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