Integration of teaching-community through the Moodle Platform: Vision of the 1st year medical students


  • Maria do Rosrio Ferraz Roberti
  • Alexandre Roberti
  • Denise Milioli Ferreira
  • Karime Ortiz Fugihara Iwamoto
  • Juliane Carvalho Moreira
  • Jakson Silva Pacheco


4BB Teaching tools


Medicine School of Federal University of Goiás - Brazil


The "seminars" aim the presentations at studies focused on major body systems.

The discussions took place via Moodle Platform (MP), on forum tool, throughout a month, with students and teachers sharing views and knowledge, culminating in a feedback to the community.

Thus, this study aimed to demonstrate what the students think about the integration between student and community using blended learning approaches. 





Summary of Work

Semi-structured questionnaires were used with objective questions using Likert scale 0-4 points.

All 1st year medical students (107) were invited to participate.

The scale was analyzed considering 8 domains.


For internal reability analysis Cronbach's alpha was used and for comparison between the domains the Pearson index was used.





Summary of Results

Eighty four (78,5%) students were enrolled on the study.

The mean total score for de various domains ranged from 2.6 to 3.6;

The lowest scores being for "Moodle tool", "Evaluation of work development" and "oral presentation".

Others areas received scores above 3, being the highest for "community integration", showing that it was well accepted by the students.

There was also a negative correlation between the domains "moodle tool" and "discussion by moodle".









  • The low score on "moodle tool" may indicate the need for adjustments to the platform virtual enviroment.
  • Also, there is a need to understand the cause of the dissatisfaction with the tool.
  • The high score for the domain "integration with the community"  suggests the importance of participatory learning, by facilitating the recognition of problems and feedback for the community, through the virtual discussions.




Take-home Messages

The virtual enviroment is a good alternative for the students-community integration, although there is a need to identify the factors of dissatisfaction among students to optimize the use of the MP. 














Summary of Work







Summary of Results













Take-home Messages





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