Abstract Title
Development of a multi-platform medical revision course for final year medical students


Dr. Charlie Cartwright
Dr. Jennifer Lewis
Dr. Michael Foster


4AA eLearning courses


Northwick Park Hospital, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust

  • Revising for medical school examinations is a stressful time, especially as academic performance is used to allocate Foundation posts
  • For final year students, close to completing their studies, these exams are increasingly important
  • As current junior doctors from the North West Thames Deanery, we felt there was a lack of multi-platform resources for such students and so developed AcePACES
  • AcePACES is an inclusive medical education tool, incorporating a practical revision course, lecture series, podcasts and online revision material

Summary of Work
  • Two day practical revision course, separated into medicine and surgery
  • Unlike other revision courses, it incorporated both didactic learning, via lectures, and practical examination stations, including real volunteer patients
  • Comprehensive pre- and post-course questionnaire, evaluating student confidence levels with different facets of practical examinations, learning styles and preference over tutor grade
  • To supplement the practical course, attendees had access to multiple resources on the course website (www.AcePACES.com), available before and after the course weekend


Summary of Results
  • 47 students attended the medicine day, and 55 the surgery day. On average 71% of attendees complete questionnaires
  • Overall:
    • Attendees' confidence in performing the main systems examinations significantly improved following practice in a simulated examination setting (Graph 1 & 2
    • Respondents rated teaching from junior doctors as equally or more useful than that given by more senior doctors (Graph 3)
    • Students use a blended learning approach when revising for medical school finals (Graph 4)
  • The AcePACES revision course, along with the website, has been successful in providing intensive revision via a variety of methods
  • For students at this stage in their revision, traditional lectures are no longer deemed sufficient and other methods of learning (including one-to-one assessment with patients and junior doctors and online resources) are preferred
Take-home Messages
  • A blended, multi-platform educational resource, delivered by junior doctors is an effective and underused method of teaching final year medical students


  • Many thanks to all the volunteer examiners and patients who gave up their weekend to help make the coures the success it was. Without them there would not have been a course at all!
Summary of Work
Summary of Results

Graph 1. Surgery - Confidence pre- and post-course in carrying out practical examinations


Graph 2. Medicine - Confidence pre- and post-course in carrying out practical examinations

Graph 3. Student rating of quality & relevance of teaching provided by different tutor grades/types.

Graph 4: Various learning resources used by medical students whilst revising for medical finals.

Take-home Messages
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