Abstract Title
Widening Participation in Medicine: Has students perception changed?


Anna Anthonypillai
Supervisor-Dr D Goodsman


9JJ Admission to Medicine and Postgraduate Training Programmes


Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry



  • 1997- Widening participation (WP) schemes introduced.



  • To widen socioeconomic background of doctors.






  •  2004 study- Students thought medical school was for ''posh'' students only.



  • Is this still the case?
Summary of Work


  • Focus groups - two schools- sixth form students involved in a WP project.


  • Questionnaires - private school students not in WP project.


  •  Found out about students' perception of getting into medicine.


  • Compared help received by WP and private school students.





Summary of Results
  • Less extra-curricular opportunities ''They have stuff to put on their personal statement that stands them out.'' 


  • Work experience difficult to get ''game of Russian Roulette''






  • Students can compete with same opportunities ''I think if you’re given the same opportunities that they’re given then it does put you at the same level.''


  • Want more specific help with personal statements and UKCAT preparation.


  • 88% private school students- some or a lot of help with aptitude tests.







Take-home Messages
  • There are very successful elements currently present in the widening participation scheme and also aspects which can be improved on.


  • The widening participation scheme needs to provide more work experience and extra curricular opportunities for students.


  • Need to provide more help for students.


Summary of Work
Summary of Results
Take-home Messages
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