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  1. Dr Francesco Egro
  2. Mr Charles Albert Desbaux


4II Learning / eLearning 1


Emory - Division of Platic and Reconstructive Surgery
Clifton College, Clifton, Bristol, England


Plastic surgery remains a poorly taught subject at undergraduate level because of logistic challenges. An e-learning tutorial was developed with the objective of incorporating plastic surgery teaching within the undergraduate medical curriculum.


  1. Create an e-learning tool
  2. Incorporate plastic surgery and burns teaching into undergraduate medical curriculum by the use of an e-learning tutorial.
Summary of Work

A total of twenty-nine web pages were created. The focus was on creating a captivating, fun and interactive website, where students would be constantly challenged and tested on their newly acquired knowledge. The content covers the basis of plastic surgery including skin and wound healing, the reconstructive ladder, skin grafts, flaps, burns, and basic surgical skills.

Script: HTML, CSS, Javascript, actionscript  

Web programmes: Flash, Dreamweaver, Coursegenie

Graphic programme: Photoshop, Fireworks

Video programmes: Premium Pro, Soundbooth



‚ÄčThis tutorial would aid universities to overcome academic and logistical issues; offering a useful tool for easy and fast incorporation of plastic surgery teaching within the medical curriculum as well as in other medical teaching settings. The website can be beneficial not only to future doctors, but to a variety of health workers involved in the care of patients (undergraduate or postgraduate level). Positive feedback was obtained, confirming the importance and value of this learning tool.

Take-home Messages

"J-Learning" is a free useful tool that offers easy incorporation of plastic surgery teaching in the medical curriculum.

Summary of Work
Take-home Messages
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